the Soulship

a 3-year in-depth journey into the heart of the Kedumah teachings

kedumah soulship group retreat

Embark on a step-by-step transformative process of mystical awakening, personal healing, and conscious community.

In deep connection with others, you’ll learn to work with suffering, awaken consciousness, embody Presence, and experience more inner freedom in everyday life. This experiential program integrates ancient spiritual wisdom with the modern insights of psychology, science, and the somatic healing arts. In our time together, you’ll refine your innate capacities for inner perception, and learn to live your everyday life with more authenticity and freedom.

One of the most amazing things about the Soulship is the opportunity it affords to connect deeply with a true community, with a fellowship of kindred souls who will be able to meet you with true presence.


you will learn how to:

Explore Your Inner World

Heal Your Inner Critic

Awaken Your Presence Body

Open Your Essential Heart

Cultivate a Spacious Mind

Wake Down into Wholeness

Step Into Authentic Relationship

Celebrate Your Sensual Pleasure

Surrender to Divine Oneness

Deepen Into the Vastness of Space

Integrate the Primordial Starlight

Live Everyday in Total Freedom

Joining the Soulship is the only way to learn the full curriculum of Kedumah teachings and practices.

The Soulship program includes:

  • six in-person retreats with Zvi over three years

  • four live online video meetings with Zvi per year

  • four private sessions with Zvi per year