Online Course - Awakening the Essential Heart
to Jul 7

Online Course - Awakening the Essential Heart

A 5-Week Immersive Online Experience with Live Teachings and Community Interaction

The journey of awakening embodies a heartfelt expedition into the mystery of reality that requires the presence of courage, curiosity, and compassion. In this training, we will explore the psychodynamic and energetic obstacles that prevent us from fully inhabiting and expressing the potential of our innermost heart, which will help open up and manifest more powerfully our essential heart-vehicle of discovery for the spiritual journey.

Course includes:

  • 8+ hours of pre-recorded audio teachings and practices

  • 5 hours of live video small group Q&A and guided practice with Zvi

  • Weekly contemplative exercises to be practiced with other participants

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Online Course - Awakening the Presence Body
to Mar 17

Online Course - Awakening the Presence Body

Our usual experience of the physical body is determined and limited by the projections of our conceptual mind. Through the cultivation of embodied perception, we will explore a more immediate and nondual relationship with ourselves, opening up the possibility for a radically different way of experiencing reality.

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