Kedumah (Hebrew for “primordial”) is a contemporary mystical school that teaches a step-by-step approach to spiritual awakening and personal development.

Kedumah emphasizes authentic nondual realization, embodied wakefulness in ordinary life and in interpersonal relationships, and practical tools to live our life in a fully human and integrated way.

Kedumah integrates ancient spiritual wisdom with cutting edge knowledge of psychology, science, and the somatic healing arts.

Kedumah embodies an evolving and dynamic approach to spiritual practice that is both grounded in ancient wisdom and responsive to the emerging reality maps and to the changing needs of humanity.

Kedumah is spiritual-but-not-religious, sex-and-body-positive, and welcoming to people of all religions, races, sexual-orientations, ethnicities, as well as to those who have no religious affiliation whatsoever.

Kedumah is meant to support the human collective as we transition into the next paradigm of planetary life.